‘Bravuogn’ and its companion ‘Preda’ are a pair of furniture I designed for our newly transformed mudroom into a sunroom. While ‘Preda’ is a shoe rack with a high perching box of drawers, ‘Bravuogn’ is a sturdy and almost squatting shoe bench. It has two big drawers containing recycling bins and a low slightly slanted backrest that resembles the many resting benches in the Swiss mountains. I used Mendocino cypress for the structure and Spectratech®, colored Mdf, for the drawer fronts and the backrest.

Bravuogn, by the way, is the name of a tiny little village high up in the Swiss Alps where you could rest on one of those benches.

44 x 25 x 21    Mendocino cypress, Spectratech®