linth and limmat



This is a customized, built-in divider between the living room and the dining room, which is three steps lower. On the dining room side are shelves for glasses and plates, the living room side contains CD player and receiver on the top level. There is an access to the back panels from the dining room side. Underneath are bookshelves. It is entirely built  from solid cherry and cherry veneered plywood.

The customer and I designed the piece inch by inch right in place. I built it in my tiny shop – the biggest piece of furniture, over 35 cubic feet. Sitting on sawhorses with it three layers, it reminded me of the ‘Linth’, the queen of the fleet cruising the lake of Zurich.

22 x 86 x  32    solid cherry, cherry veneered plywood



This room divider is the pendant to the one I built a year before. It is always encouraging if customers come back and want some more. This sideboard separates the dining room from the TV room six steps beneath.

The fleet is growing! Lets call this one the ‘Limmat’, the sister ship cruising the lake of Zurich.

14 x 93 x 32    solid cherry, cherry veneered plywood